La Ermita Suites

Monument Hotel


A unique site in a unique city.
Sleeping amidst History.

La Ermita Suites cuenta con iniciativas y proyectos que mejoran la Accesibilidad Universal


After the recovery of the three historic buildings and their history, our awareness has been increased and we also wanted it to be as accessible as possible to everyone. For that reason, we sought advice from the Spanish Association for the Blind (ONCE) through the company Ilunion.

La Ermita Suites is the only establishment in Córdoba that has the Beepcon system incorporated into its premises. This is an accessibility system created by the Spanish Association for the Blind (ONCE) for people who are blind or visually impaired that allows them to move around in the rooms and in the common areas of the whole building by means of an app they can download to their mobile phone that describes their surroundings to them.

  • Signage in the main areas of the building and door identification plates in Braille.
  • Handrails on stairways with vinyl stickers in Braille that inform them about all the stair flights and floors in the building.
  • Steps finished with a marble strip in a different colour that improves vision for visually impaired people and allows them to see the edge of the step.
  • Installation of an adapted lift with sound and Braille.
  • Rooms are accessed by means of magnetic keys, PIN codes or the Openow app which allows them to carry their keys on their mobile devices.